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It was well known what the most difficult to open a flower shop is? Is to write ribbons, to write their own right, not beautiful , cutting plotter, too slow, it's a waste of time! The florists' most urgent need is to have a ribbon printer, this can save a lot of time, improve efficiency, increase the number of repeat orders. This issue has been completely solved, Maple special ribbon printer for flower shop has been listed. It can help you improve the corporate and increase economic efficiency. There's no more difficulty for you to make money!


Recommend Level: Business Use:
New Maple R100 flower ribbon printer Price: 880$ (free shipping),Pay by paypal.

Maple R100 ribbon printer model:(Free shipping cost)

Maple Digital Gold Foil ribbon Printer
The end of making plate
Digital bronzing is coming

The advent of digital gold foil printer completely solves the traditional printing problems of bronzing in the industry such as printing,office,advertising,graphics,studio,gift signs,personalized congratulation card,hardcover and spring festival scrolls.
1.No plate making before bronzing, computer typesetting and quick printing.
2.high printing speed: 80--100m/hour.
3.Professional software help editing complicated design.
4.One computer could control many machines at the same time for mass production, and in local area network,every computer could control the connected printer in this network. The machine could also do offline work with SD card.
5.The dimension is wide, the feeding width is 150mm and the printing width is 100mm.
6.Printing media: leather, paper, plastic, sticker, fabric, ribbon, etc.

Flower shop special ribbon printer in 2012 officially listed
Listed on the first flowers printer in 2004, to stir the market, good economic benefits to the flower shop! Old and new customer requirements, the formal listing for 2012 Maple Leaf card Florist ribbon printer, advertising exhibition in Shanghai show, it immediately attracted a large number of customers!
Free two-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Wanted agents throughout the country, new brilliant!

Maple-R100 Detailed Product Description
1.heat transfer stamping
2.300dpi,high precise
3.High compatibility
4.Feed the materials in roll or sheets automatically

Maple-R100 China automatic hot foil stamping machine , new color in silver

1. The patterns are designed by computer and printed directly without the plate.
2. The resolution is 300dpi; letters and pictures are very clean. The mini letter is 2mm.
3. The max width of feeding paper is 150mm.
4. It can print on many kinds of smooth or half smooth materials: paper, leather paper, PVC, plastic, etc. It is widely used on invitation card, wedding card, couplet, etc.
5. It can print rolled and piece material. Especially for rolled material, it will print by itself that no need people to take care. It is the advantage of this machine.
6. Using U flash, it can also work without computer. So it can print any time at any place.
7. The printing speed can be adjusted according to the materials

Scope of application:
Christmas card,greeting ribbon on the opening ceremony ,invitation card, business card, red pocket, couplet, package bags,non-woven bags,greeting cards,certificate cover,gift box,
Applicable material: paper, cardboard, adhesive sticker, plastic board, PET, PVC,PU,leather, film, frosted PVC, binding and layout paper, cloth etc.
Foil color: gold, sliver ,red,blue, fuchsia and some other full colors .

Technical Parameters:
MODEL Maple-R100
Printing interface USB, U flash
Max feeding width 150mm
Max printing width 100mm
Power source AC110~240V, 50/60Hz
Print speed 40-200m per hour
Power 180w
Resolution 300 dpi
G.W/N.W 18kg/15kg
Packaging size 500mm*300mm*190mm


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