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We made maple flower printer(speakingroses painter) from 2003 in China,we have many patents.On CES2011 USA,Maple flower printer be on show how to paint your own photo on your real roses!It is so big market of beauty in your country now! Maple flower printer is a high-tech product, acquired many patents and international certificates. It is capable of painting swiftly any complicated pattern, word or photo on rose and finger nail in 10 seconds. Painting effect reaches to high quality of photo. It is a necessary product in flower shop,nail saloon and beauty saloon because of simply operating, easily learning, and exceeding over manual nail art in pattern variety, number, style, effect and efficiency.Only Maple flower printer really for business use!How surprise to your girl friend and how wonderful for your business!In honkong have buyer make more than 1,000,000$ moneny. it has big market in your country,by speakingroses concept ,use your head,you also can make more money!

size: 395 x 300 x 285mm
power: 50W
netweight: 12KG ¡¡grossweight:14KG
inputvoltage: 220+/-10% Or 110+/-10%
Function:Color painting on 3 roses at one time, as well as on mobiles (Computer should be purchased by user).
As flower printers are used for business places, the equipment must maintain a nonstop running and good durability. Therefore our company has developed a dual standby system, i.e. core parts are imported, internal structure is optimized and
quality standard is upgraded in an all-round way; In addition, dual system is adopted for important and wearing components. In case one set of system is damaged, the other set can be started. Maple flower printers can achieve a nonstop business indeed!
Clear S03 Machine picture slideshow online!

Recommend Level: Business Use: Portable:

Pay Attention: our speaking roses painter(flower printer) only sell 922$ not 15000$!!!We made it from 2003,We have many china patents!!Buy flower printer please See maple trademark clearly!
Maple S03 flower printer Price: 920$ (free ship to USA),Pay by paypal :
(Compare Price:in USA S03 price is 2500$,we sale 920$. )
size: 455 x 365 x 455mm
power: 55W
netweight: 17KG ¡¡grossweight: 21KG
inputvoltage: 220+/-10% Or 110+/-10%
Function:Color painting on 3 roses one time.With big touch screen all in one.You can use it when you power on.
This speakingroses painter is new product with computer all in one.You no need install software.Easy to use as S03 model.

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Recommend Level: Business Use: Portable:
Maple S03A speakingroses painter Price: 1500$ (free ship to USA),Pay by paypal :
Model:PUFFER-S200 Ribbon Printer
size: 350 x 250 x 250mm
netweight: 3KG ,grossweight:5KG
inputvoltage: 220+/-10% Or 110+/-10%
Function:Ribbon printing.
The advent of digital gold foil printer completely solves the traditional printing problems of bronzing in the industry such as printing,office,advertising,graphics,studio,gift signs,personalized congratulation card,hardcover and spring festival scrolls.
1.No plate making before bronzing, computer typesetting and quick printing.
2.high printing speed: 80--100m/hour.
3.Professional software help editing complicated design.
4.One computer could control many machines at the same time for mass production, and in local area network,every computer could control the connected printer in this network. The machine could also do offline work with SD card.
5.The dimension is wide, the feeding width is 150mm and the printing width is 100mm.
6.Printing media: leather, paper, plastic, sticker, fabric, ribbon, etc.
Clear Puffer-S208 Machine picture online! See teachine demo VCD online

Recommend Level: Business Use: Portable:

Puffer-S208 ribbon printer Price: 800$ (free ship to USA),Pay by paypal :


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